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Never allow SIB as a form of avoidance. So if an academic task triggers SIB, you extinguish the SIB and then restart the original task from the beginning. If SIB gets rewarded with cuddles and hugs later, it will reoccur. SIB in the end becomes just another learned behavior and you do it because you can.

Thank you very much Peter. I should be able to read the books by this weekend, amazon can get them to me tomorrow. I have tried to stop the sib, but she is pretty strong and if I try to control her physically, it enrages her even further and I end up in a losing tussle. What impact factor inorganic chemistry your opinion about the following: I usually threaten her with a consequence such as loss of time on the iPad impact factor inorganic chemistry computer, or cancelling her evening drive which she loves.

I do follow through with the consequence. If the behavior occurs when she is in a group class, I tell her 'this class is cancelled for you' and I will leave and she will follow.

She likes her classes and nationwide not want to leave, so I think it is a punishment for her.

Recently though, I have become unsure of this, as she reverts to normal blue waffle soon as she is out. Her teachers have a impact factor inorganic chemistry attitude, and do not like her to leave class. Even if not fantastic, this keeps the session productive. I am also unsure of how to be with her after the episode ends. She usually talks about the consequence, accepts it, gives me a cuddle and very much wants to make nice vagina sperm me.

I feel very torn, and unsure of how long I should keep up a stern demeanor. Much appreciate your help. Behavioral principles are interesting, but they do need to be adapted to the particular person and their specific chem eng news life.

Rewards always work much better j colloid interface sci punishment. Withdrawal of a reinforcer, like the iPad evening drive is an interesting point. If it was me, I would gradually shift the evening drive to be seen as a reward for having had a great day, so it is no longer a right or certainty.

The same goes with the iPad, you have to earn it with good behaviors. Rules need to be fully understood and so not too complicated for that person.

Useful concepts for older kids include delayed reinforcers and the token economy system. The idea is that the reward does not have to immediately follow the good behavior and that multiple good behaviors can yield a single valued reward. If your daughter is suited to a token economy, she can earn tokens in group classes for no Impact factor inorganic chemistry. First you should start to record impact factor inorganic chemistry incidence of SIB and put it in a visible place, say in the kitchen.

It might show your daughter has 2 issues of SIB at school and 1 at home. You have to make it clear that the target is ZERO, but depending on how far away you are impact factor inorganic chemistry the target you aim at gradual reduction or aim to go straight to zero. I would favor the latter.



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