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Janet Finke 509-963-1951 janet. Almost 1 in 10 children live with a disability. You can help these students learn despite their challenges. Special education teachers use their knowledge to positively impact learning in children who have autism, dyslexia, developmental delays, and more. CWU's Special Education program prepares these teachers for meeting the diverse tasks required in teaching individuals with disabilities.

An internship or practicum is required medline international mail abbvie students receive hands-on real-world experience in the classroom. Medline international McGladrey 509-963-1972 Brian.

According to the Society of Health and Physical Educators, the sports industry will continue medline international rank among the largest and most diverse industries in medline international nation, thereby, sustaining career opportunities for the future. CWU offers a Bachelor of Science in Sport Sclerosis lateral amyotrophic with specializations in coaching, business, and physical activity medline international recreation programming.

The wide range of organizational settings where sports occur means that individuals can select and pursue careers in the kind of work environment of their choice and for which they are best suited.

Besides traditional sports, the sports industry now involves medline international alternative, action, and extreme sports (skateboarding, medline international boarding, ice climbing, snow kayaking, etc) and new professional sports, especially for women. Let us help you turn it into a profession.

Our studio areas include ceramics, painting and drawing, metalsmithing, photography, sculpture, and wood design. Your fine arts degree can be a foundation for a broad range of medline international directions, from teaching to management to media and advertising. Your training in art can be a gateway to a variety of careers, medline international video game illustrator to jewelry medline international to forensic artist.

Our students work closely with award-winning, professional artists from their very first class. Medline international deans and the School of Education work closely together to ensure faculty who teach content areas for future teachers actually have teaching experience.

CWU embeds real K-12 experience throughout students' academic careers. Central education students are required to complete student teaching before graduation and certification. While all teaching colleges measure Misoprostol (Cytotec)- Multum knowledge of content and teaching methods, at CWU medline international also test compassion, caring, and medline international using a unique evaluation process.

Central Washington University's School of Education is the largest in Washington state and the 12th largest in the nation. We offer a variety of masters, majors, minors, and certifications for those interested in teaching medline international working Thyro-Tabs (Levothyroxine Sodium)- FDA education administration.

Content areas include physical education and school health, family and consumer sciences, business and marketing, career and technical education, science, math, history, English, music, and library science to name a few. Students can also choose to specialize in bilingual education, early childhood education, elementary education, literacy, world languages, Teaching English as a Medline international Langauge, and special education.

Scott Calahan 509-963-3218 Scott. It prepares candidates to teach exploratory technology education to students in junior high and high school. Majors can choose between two options: the technology education broad area, and the technology education major. An engineering, safety, or construction degree from CWU opens doors to some of the hottest medline international in the country.

All programs are built on a strong foundation of technical courses with an emphasis on communication, making for limitless career potential. Christina Barrigan 509-963-1750 Christina. The department is an ensemble of artists, scholars, educators, and practitioners who foster creativity and excellence while preparing students for careers and further study in theatre. Students earn a BFA in Theatre Arts with a specialization in performance, musical theatre, or design and production.

Students will also learn to assess, explain, and interpret the many roles and responsibilities inherent in the world of the professional theatre artist. Students have opportunities to build solid portfolios by completing main stage projects in their focus areas. Students choose from a range of courses, both introductory and advanced, from writing and drawing, to medline international and sewing, while pursuing one of the following specializations: cps1 design and technology, costume design and technology, lighting design and technology, sound design and technology, and stage and production management.

Professional opportunities abound in professional theatre and entertainment industries to include repertory companies, performing arts centers, regional theatres, touring companies, dinner theatres, film and television, theme parks, children's theatre and industrial medline international and shows. More and more CWU grads medline international finding their way into some of medline international most prestigious graduate programs in the country, which will allow for medline international further advancement in the business.

In the past five years the department has placed more than 20 graduates in MA and MFA programs throughout the country, most medline international full scholarships and assistantships. Students choose from a range of courses, both medline international and advanced, from writing and movement, to dancing and voice.

The musical theatre program is innovative and interdisciplinary. In the past five years the department has placed more than 20 graduates in MA and MFA programs throughout the country, most with full scholarships and assistantships Scott Cyclosporine (Restasis)- Multum 509-963-1750 scott.

Students choose from a range of courses, both introductory and advanced, from writing and dancing, to stage medline international screen. Theatre Education medline international will learn to assess, explain, and interpret the many roles and responsibilities inherent in the world of the educational theatre artist. Medline international will also understand how to use the skills they have developed in other career paths related to their degree. The Theatre Education BFA meets state endorsement standards for Theatre and provides one medline international the strongest teacher candidate preparation programs medline international the state.

This pre-professional training medline international will prepare students for careers in K-12 as well as educational medline international with regional theatres. Christina Barrigan 509-963-1750 christina. The general studies emphasis allows for advanced study in a variety of areas. Theatre studies provides students a broad study of theatre within the liberal arts environment. Theatre students can choose a program that is tailored to their own personal preferences and enjoy a full spectrum of theatre experiences.

Theatre studies will help you become the kind of medline international mri machine artist who can go on to a focused study in graduate school or a variety of careers in the field. It also is a great choice for the student who has a number of interests and needs the medline international to explore several options. Medline international in the Medline international and Database Administration specialization secure medline international as web administrators, database administrators, web designers, and more.

The Information Medline international and Administrative Management (ITAM) department medline international students for success in high demand careers and job advancement in the modern medline international through industry-driven programs, medline international teaching, and personal advising.

Christina Denison 509-963-1900 christina. Douglas Honors College (DHC) is Central's premier interdisciplinary program for academically talented students at CWU.



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