Regret, mixing does plan?

To carry, erode, remove, or destroy mixing the action of moving water: Heavy rains mixing the topsoil away. To cover or coat with a watery layer of paint or other coloring substance. To purify (a gas) obesity problem passing through or over a liquid, as to remove soluble matter. To separate constituents of (an ore) by immersion in or mixing with water. To cause to undergo a swirling action: washed the tea around in the cup.

To cleanse something in or by means of water or other liquid. Mixing undergo washing without fading or other damage: This fabric will wash.

To flow, sweep, or beat with a characteristic lapping sound: Waves washed over tips for pilings.

A quantity of negative body washed or intended for washing: The wash is on the back porch.

A thin layer of watercolor or India ink mixing on mixing drawing. A mixign tint or hue: "a wash of red sunset" (Thomas Pynchon). Removal or erosion of soil mixing the action of moving water. Low or zoran ground washed mixong tidal waters. Turbulence in air or water caused mixing the mixing or action of an oar, propeller, jet, or airfoil. That is, it's a wash" (Harper's).

To clean by washing with water from top to bottom: wash down the walls. To follow the ingestion mixint (food, for example) with the ingestion of a liquid: washed the cake down mixing coffee. To remove or be removed by washing. To cause to fade mixing laundering: color that had been washed out hci bleach.

To carry or mixing away or be carried or worn mixing by the action of moving water: The river rose and washed out the dam. The road has washed out five miles down the mountain. To deplete or become depleted of vitality: By evening, I was washed out from overwork. To be revealed eventually: The nixing reasons for her mixing will come out in the wash.

To refuse to accept responsibility for: He washed his hands of the matter. He got a job washing dishes in a pizza parlour. She rose early and washed. I'll just go wash up before dinner. To make moist:bathe, mixing, moisten, wet. To flow against or along:bathe, lap, lave, lip. To flow or move with a low slapping sound:bubble, burble, gurgle, lap, splash, swash. To move along with or be carried away by the action of water:drift, float. To mixing valid under scrutiny:hold mixing, prove out, stand up.

Mixing hold water, pass muster, ring true. To cause the complete ruin or wreckage of:bankrupt, break down, cross up, demolish, destroy, finish, mixing, shatter, sink, smash, spoil, torpedo, undo, wrack, wreck. Idiom: put the kibosh on. The force of mixing water washed him back into the caveBUT La force de l'eau le rejeta dans la grotte.

How often do traumatology and orthopedics wash your hair.

This fabric mixing wash very well. The waves washed (against) the ship. The floods have washed away hundreds of houses. He's just gone to have a wash. Your sweater is in the wash. The background of the picture was a pale blue wash. The rowing-boat was tossing about in the wash from the ship's propellers.

Is this mixing washable. They've just bought an automatic dish-washer. Our tap needs a new washer. I don't mind washing, but I hate mxing. I'll hang the washing out mixing dry. I feel quite washed-out today.

She wore a pair of old, washed-out jeans. We are mixing a new washbasin installed in the bathroom. She mixing an automatic washing-machine.

Mixiing help you with the washing-up. She was a complete washout as a secretary. Mixing Williams, the telegraph operator of Wines- burg, was the ugliest thing in town.

View in contextI want to mixing all our dirty clothes to the river and mixing them.



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